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Side Gig Junction

Hello and welcome to "Start A Side Hustle".

In this course will explore the concept of Side Gigging, the different types of Side Gigs and which one is the best fit for you depending on your lifestyle and what you aim to achieve with your Side Gig.  

 I will offer you loads of Side Gig ideas and inspiration to give you a kickstart in getting going with your very own Side Gig.

 I will also provide you with top class business planning tools for you to use when starting up and running your Side Gig.

 By the end of the course, you feel empowered and confident to get out there and make your Side Gig a success. You will also have unlimited access to all of the resources that I offer on my website

Part 1: An Introduction to Matched Betting. In this first section of the course, we shall take a look at what matched betting is all about in order to provide you with the essential foundations to build your matched betting knowledge on. 
Part 2: More about online bookmakers and sports exchanges. In this section of the course, we shall take a look at bookmakers and sports exchanges in more detail and explore the differences between them. 
Part 3: A look at odds pricing. In this section, we shall be taking a more detailed look at odds pricing so that you fully understand how pricing works in matched betting. 
Part 4: The types of offers that we can profit from. In this section, you will discover that the money making opportunities extend far beyond just matched betting on sports. 
Part 5: Make £25 risk free cash at William Hill. In this section, I will show you step by step how you can make £25 in risk free cash from matched betting today. 
Part 6: Liability Explained. In this section, I will explain in detail what liability is and why it is so important in matched betting. 
Part 7: Get free spins and you might win big! In this section, I will show you how you can potentially win a big prize by claiming free spins from a matched betting offer.  
Part 8: My real earnings with matched betting. In this section, I will show you my real earnings with matched betting and you will discover just how achievable it is to make risk free money each and every month. 
Bonus Video: Keeping your matched betting accounts healthy. In this section, I will show how to keep your accounts healthy and stay under the bookies radar to ensure you keep your accounts open and continue to receive free bets. 
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