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Ali Express
Cut out the middleman and purchase your goods direct from China

With over 50% of our products being made in China, you can make massive savings by purchasing your goods direct from the Manufacturer instead of buying from third party sellers on eBay and Amazon. Simply sign up to aliexpress and start browsing for your products.

Aliexpress lists pretty much every product imaginable from skateboards to bikinis to Kitchen tables. Whatever you are looking to buy, you can find it on their site. Prices are in US dollars, but you can pay easily and safely with PayPal. Delivery times are longer than if you were buying from a UK seller but as long as you are not in a hurry, the wait will be worth it for the savings. 

Power Bank Aliexpress.png

Check out this example of a superb product at a bargain price. At $12.99, this power bank is just under a tenner compared to around £20 for the same product on Amazon or eBay. Sign up for your free account at Aliexpress and start saving today. 

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