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What's it all about?

If you love Dogs and love the great outdoors then this  Side Gig is for you. You can work as little or as much as you like with an app such as Rover. Rover not only provide Dog Walking jobs but also provide Dog and other Pet sitting jobs.

The standard of Dog Walkers and Sitters on Rover is incredibly high and therefore people looking for walkers and sitters tend to use Rover due to its credibility. They actually only approve 20% of applicants. Therefore, it is important to create an eye catching profile when signing up. 

Here are some top tips for creating your profile when signing up. 

1) Include happy smiling photos of yourself. If you have pets, feel free to include photos with you and your pets. 

2) Include information about your schedule, your experience with dogs, safety precautions you’ll take and 
what makes you unique and most importantly why they should choose you to walk and sit their pets.


3) Dog owners want friendly and approachable people to take care of their pets. Try to make your profile as friendly and approachable as possible. 

4) Mention any extras that you can offer such as Dog Grooming / baths, pick up and drop off services. 

When you are approved by Rover and go live on their site and App, you can start accepting requests from members to walk and sit their pets. Once you have accepted your first few jobs, your ranking will improve and you will receive more job offers. This is also goes for reviews too. The more positive reviews you receive, the higher your ranking and the more jobs you will get. 

Profitability Factor Medium
Difficulty Level Low
Risk Level Low
Time commitment Medium 
Prior Knowledge/Expertise None
Location Restrictions N/A 
Overall Side Gig Rating 4/5
Realistic Earnings: The amount of money you can make on Rover will vary depending on how often you work. However, stats from the US state that if you work full time on the App, you can make $3300 per month. This amount you can earn will also depend on your geographic location and local demand for the service. 
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