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What's it all about?

If you already own a half decent lawn mower or you are prepared to purchase one, you could make a nice income setting up a Lawn mowing business. Alternatively, it is quite acceptable to use your clients Lawn Mower to carry out the task if either you do not have your own or you have no way of transporting it between clients homes. 

This is a great repeat business model as luckily, grass does not stop growing. Therefore, during the summer months, you will be cutting the same lawn approximately once per week. 

If you love being in the great outdoors, then this side business could be for you. With low start up costs and a very good earning potential with the advantage or repeat customers this is a top side gig. 

How to set up your Lawn Mowing Business:

1. Set up a website using Wix. You can sign up for free HERE

2. Design and print your business cards and flyers here

3. Buy a lawnmower such as this one if you do not already have one. 

4. Drop flyers around your local area. 

5. Advertise online using Gumtree, Craigslist and Facebook. 

6. Place an advert in your local shop. 

Profitability Factor Medium
Difficulty Level Low
Risk Level Low
Time commitment Medium 
Prior Knowledge/Expertise None
Location Restrictions N/A 
Overall Side Gig Rating 4/5
Start Up Costs: Between £200 and £400 if purchasing a lawnmower. Approximately £50 - £150 for marketing materials. 
Realistic Earnings: You can expect to charge between £15-£20 per hour for mowing lawns. So lets say you just mow 5 lawns each week which each take 1 hour. That is £100 per week totalling £400 per month just for 5 hours work per week. 
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