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What's it all about?

The world of online Sports Trading has been kept somewhat secret until the last couple of years with experienced traders keeping their cards very close to their chests in terms of revealing their trading strategies to the public.

The basis of online sports trading is very similar to trading Stocks, Shares and Foreign Exchange Markets, but instead of trading on the Stock Market or the Forex Market you trade on a Betting Exchange such as Betfair Exchange.

The 4 main trading markets are Tennis, Horse Racing, Football and Cricket. 

Basically, instead of buying and selling stocks, you are buying and selling betting odds price whilst the match or event is taking place. Therefore you are actually in and out of trades very quickly compared to Financial Market Trading. It is actually a very simple concept once you get your head around it.

Pro Tennis Trader offer an excellent Free Introductory Course to Tennis Trading which explains it all very simply. 

Out of all 4 Sports markets mentioned above, Tennis has been the sport which has had the most success in terms of Side Giggers making decent money long term, We would certainly recommend enrolling on this Free Course and then as an exclusive offer for Side Gig Junction, you can get 20% off Pro Tennis Traders Complete Video Course on Tennis Trading. Check these guys out here



Profitability Factor High
Difficulty Level Medium
Risk Level Medium
Time commitment Medium
Prior Knowledge/Expertise None
Location Restrictions Some Restrictions
Overall Side Gig Rating 5/5
The earning potential here is very high but does require work and practice to perfect the trading strategies. We know of a number of Side Giggers who have gone on to Trade Sports Markets full time but it certainly provides a nice side income if you just want to trade in the evenings or weekends.   
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