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What's it all about?

Peer to peer car renting has shaken up the car rental market in recent years and it is incredibly easy to get a piece of the action. 

In very simple  terms, you can rent out your car to somebody local whenever you are not using it. 

Simply sign up with a website such as hiyacar and follow the process to get up and running. 

The first step is to enter your Car registration number which enables them to provide you with a suggested daily rate that you can charge potential customers. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 16.33.06.png
Profitability Factor High
Difficulty Level Low
Risk Level Low
Time commitment Low 
Prior Knowledge/Expertise None
Location Restrictions Demand varies with locations
Overall Side Gig Rating 4/5
Practical Considerations: Your car must be less than 8 years old and you should tell your insurance company that you are renting out your car. 
Realistic Earnings: Earnings vary depending on what car you have and the demand in your local area. You can earn £65 per day with a 4 year old BMW 3 series and £39 per day with a 4 year old Ford Fiesta. This is a superb side gig with very little effort needed as customers will pick up and deliver back your car to your home address.   
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