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What's it all about?

In recent years, the online industry for Teaching English has exploded with a number of companies launching incredible platforms to help both the teacher and student get the most out of online learning. The opportunities here are endless. You can teach kids or adults on a one to one basis or you can even teach whole classes from your laptop. The majority of opportunities are teaching kids from China due to a Chinese Government initiative to improve English Speaking for Chinese Students. 

By using a trusted company such as VIPKID you can be up and running within days. You do not need any prior teaching experience, you just need to be a Native English Speaker to qualify for teaching English online. 

Here is what you will need to Teach English Online:

Because you will teach remotely, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have the necessary setup and equipment. However, these items are often these are things you already have in your home. Here are some things you will need before you get started:

1. A computer with a microphone and a camera
2. A strong and working internet connection
3. A well-lit space that is professional and welcoming for students (suggested)
4. Teaching essentials: dry erase board, dry erase markers, teaching posters, props, etc. (suggested)


Profitability Factor Medium
Difficulty Level Low
Risk Level Very Low
Time commitment Medium
Prior Knowledge/Expertise None
Location Restrictions None
Overall Side Gig Rating 4/5
Here is what you need to do to get signed up:
1. Complete an online form with your basic information and experience (no resume needed)
2. Complete a short demo class (often this is live or recorded and reference materials are provided)Before your demo lesson, review the applicant performance indicators for how you will be evaluated. You can access those indicators here.
3. Teach a full mock class (you can often re-do if unsuccessful on first attempt)
4. Sign your contract and upload your documents( e.g. teaching certificate (if applicable), degree, picture, etc).
5. Pass a Background check (if applicable).  
Realistic Earnings: You can expect to earn between £8 and £25 per hour teaching English Online. Sign up to begin your Online Teaching Venture here at VIPKID
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