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What's it all about?

If you love Dogs and love the great outdoors then this  Side Business is for you. You can work as little or as much as you like with an app such as Rover or you can work independently. To see our post on using Rover, click here.


To set up as an independent Dog Walker or Sitter rather than using an app such as Rover, you can potentially make a lot more money in the long term. This is a great business model as much of your business will come from the same clients. For example, you may well have clients in which you walk their dogs every day of the week. So once you have built up your client base, you won't need to be constantly looking for new business. 

You will need the following to set up as a Dog Walker / Sitter:

- Relevant insurances. 

- A vehicle capable of transporting Dogs. 

- An outgoing and friendly personality.

- A website telling people about you. You can design your own website at Wix for Free HERE

- Leaflets and Business Cards to hand out to potential clients. You can design these here.   

Profitability Factor Low to Medium
Difficulty Level Low
Risk Level Low
Time commitment Medium 
Prior Knowledge/Expertise None
Location Restrictions N/A 
Overall Side Gig Rating 4/5
Start Up Costs: Very low. You can design and launch a free website at Wix or pay a small fee for a more professional looking site with one of their premium plans. Approximately £50 - £150 for marketing materials. 
Realistic Earnings: You can charge around £10 per hour per dog for dog walking. If you take 5 dogs out at a time, you can make £50 per hour. Do 3 walks per day at £50 hour, thats a cool £150 per day. 
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